ただ 口を閉ざすのは惨めだ街へ出よう
飾りの角を磨けど 踏み出せない 家を出よう

ああ 全て意味を持たないこの街では
ああ ふざけたまま答えを探すだろう

まだ 足を止めるのは惨めだ街を出よう

ああ 全て意味を持たないよ きっと今は
ああ ふざけたまま答えを探すだろう

Deer Town

It’s just, it’s miserable to keep quiet. I need to head to town.
My decorative horns polished, but I can’t move. I need to get out of the house.

Ah In this town, which has no meaning
Ah I'll playfully search for the answer.

Still, it's miserable to stay put. I need to leave this town.
“You can't stop because you’re just afraid to lose.
Might as well destroy all that you’ve earned, too.”

Ah Nothing has any meaning. Just now
Ah I'll playfully search for the answer.